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New leaders come into organizations and begin by implementing their entry plan. They tour the organization, speak with stakeholders, and review documents and files in order to formulate a sense of the strengths of the organization and the areas of growth or needed change. Leaders also bring their core values, beliefs, and vision. Throw all of those things in the mix and soon you have a plan for change. Often leaders dream big and have a vision as to where they’d like the organization to be by a certain point in time and sometimes with those big dreams, comes very big plans. It’s important to have a vision and big dreams; however, it’s important that stakeholders are a part of developing that vision and know what the milestones are along the way to reaching the vision. Leaders need to communicate clearly and often and celebrate reaching those milestones along the way. When leaders celebrate the small wins, it helps stakeholders see that the dream is possible. It helps stakeholders to gain confidence and excitement. Celebrating small wins helps to build a sense of accomplishment, keeps the momentum going, and renews the commitment to the vision.

You do big things, by doing a lot of small things.

~ Philip Diehl

is dedicated to improving organizational effectiveness through equity, focusing on education, health care, and government.

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