As educators get into the full swing of a new and unusual school year, there are many things that teachers and administrators need to re-think. It would be normal to convert everything that you normally do in a school day and live stream it for your students or staff — making a “synchronous” class event or faculty meeting. However, this is a great moment to reconsider whether you really need everyone there, at that moment, all at one, or if it can be “asynchronous.” A good rule of thumb is that if your plan includes heavy doses of interaction with each other, you might need the synchronous option. But, don’t discount asynchronous interactions, either. Please remember that synchronous learning taxes brains at a higher rate than sitting in a class or a meeting. Be judicious in your use of it, and when you don’t absolutely need people with you, let them sign in on their own schedule.

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere

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